Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Official...

It's official that these two are the most beautiful kids ever!

Boston is following in his sister's footsteps. He can find his shoes when we are going to leave, and helps pick up blocks and cars when it is time to clean up. He is always looking for Gennovah to play with him and sit by him when they are watching movies. Today he walked up to her and gave her a huge hug. It was the sweetest thing because you could tell that he was actually squeezing! We are one affectionate family :)
Gennovah is so smart, kind, and considerate of
others. Gennovah helped me fold the kitchen dish towels today. She even helped put all of her clothes away. In the morning she makes her bed
before leaving her room. I have to be the luckiest mom ever because she's only two!

Side note: I was offered a position with JetBlue today and I start near the end of September. I am so excited! Get ready to see the world...though our blog ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

As Time Goes By...

Wow, I can't even believe that 2007 is almost over! So we decided to start a blog as a way to stay in contact with all of our family and friends that are near and dear to us as well as those that we miss because of distance.

So to catch some up to speed with all of the activity of our family...

Johnny is working hard to keep our busy little family going. With how fast the kids are growing and their activities and school, it is pretty tough. His is working at Northwestern Mutual writing health and life insurance. He really enjoys the interaction he has with his clients. He is also working with another company which helps entreprenuers get up and going. He is gone from time to taime doing conventions all over the globe. He loves the travel and enjoys meeting new people with interesting ideas. I can't believe that we celebrated 5 years this past month because it seems like time has gone by too fast for it to have been 5 years already!

April has taken the semester off from getting her teaching degree to stay at home full-time with the kids. With the amount of school still left, what is the difference if I went back in two years instead of right now? The kids are wanting to be home and need me here to play with and teach them new fun things. I will hopefully find out if I have a job working from home doing reservations with JetBlue. (Cross your fingers that they call soon, it is driving me crazy!)

Gennovah will be three years old in October! I can't believe that so much time has passed! She started preschool today and when I dropped her off I cried as she walked to the front door of the school :( I think the realization set in that she is able to do things on her own. She loves gymnastics and we are currently searching for a gym with a schedule that coordinates with ours. Maybe we have a future Olympian on our hands, only time will tell. Currently she is learning how to write her name and even though the letters might not be in the correct order, it is still a great start! She accomplished going on the potty all by herself this past March. I was very unprepared for how ready she was. It was a rough start, but I am loving only having one in diapers! Way to go Gennovah, now what about nighttime? We are s...l...o...w...l...y working on that.

Boston will be two years old in September! We no longer have a baby. He has graduated from his crib into a toddler bed. It only took one day and he was adjusted, I suppose because he is so advanced :) He loves to play with cars and trains and making noises to go along with them. It keeps him quite busy throughout the day, which helps me get many things done. He isn't talking yet but making so many sounds that one day I think he'll bust out a sentence or two and blow us all away. He is a very good helper, making his bed and cleaning up toys. He also enjoys doing gymnastics, mostly because he can climb on everything and roll around everywhere!

As you can see we stay quite busy with our two little ones moving in every direction. So with all of our happenings we are going to try and keep everyone as updated as we can!