Friday, November 28, 2008



Both family near and far. I am so very grateful for this amazing support system that we have. I am so very grateful to my family and the support they give to us despite how far we live from them. I am grateful that they care so very much about us and call when they are thinking of us. I love how much they love Gennovah and Boston. It makes me smile when the kids get excited about Chicago and everyone who lives there.

I am grateful for Johnny's family. With having them so close we get together often, but not as often as we should. I am grateful that the kids have so many cousins that live close by and older cousins that they can look up to as examples. I am grateful for how willing everyone is to help each other out. I am especially grateful for weekend getaways with family. We have had so much fun and plan to make it whenever we can. We really miss Johnny's parents who are diligently serving a mission in Hawaii, as well as Bruce and Natalie's family that live in Montana. We wish that we can see them more.

To all our family...Please know that we love you so very much and think of you often!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


~A Clean House~

Every time Johnny comes home from his business trips I try to have the house completely clean. Key word...TRY. It seems that every time I have most of it cleaned I have to turn around and sweep up crumbs or vacuum something else that has spilled. My vacuum has a permanent home, not in the closet, but in the corner of the family room, much like a piece of furniture.

Last night I finished cleaning around 9:30 and with the kids in bed, I was able to sit in this clean house for over an hour. I just watched a movie and caught up with reading blogs. It was so nice I didn't want to go to sleep. The kids kept the house clean before they went to school which was so nice, but then once they were home, the toys came out and the crumbs were spilled. So when the house is cleaned for even just 2 minutes, absorb as much as possible because it is rare that it happens!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thought I could not miss a day, but Monday came and went!
~Being out of Diapers!~
I think about how I did it all those years with Gennovah in diapers and then Boston in diapers at the same time. I was so grateful when Gennovah decided enough was enough and took potty training on her own. Boston has been a slower process and much later one at that. Finally we have got it down. We do have our occassional accident. Seriously, I wonder how much money I was spending on diapers alone. Where is all that money going now? You got me!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sad Blue Day...

Just thought I would say sorry to all of those mourning the loss of BYU in last nights game against Utah. Just kidding!!! The game was so awesome and each team played well, but Utah played better! GO UTES!!!



She is so sweet and kind. I love her so very much and feel so guilty that I come down on her too hard because she is the oldest. She has been really sick since last night with vomiting and tummy aches. It was a long night for the both of us, but all she wanted to do was tell me stories and have me scratch her back in the midst of her sickness. It was a great "mommy and me" time even though it wasn't an ideal situation.

I can't believe how grown up she is getting. We got her school pictures and I wanted to cry because she looks so much older this year than last! She is doing so well at school. Her teachers say that she is a popular friend in class. Many children want to play with her. There is one boy who always asks when he walks in, "Is Jen-ah-vee here yet?" Gennovah loves to play with him as well. (First thing she talks about when she climbs in the car.) Should I be worried yet?

She is also close to earning her alphabet crown. In class they work on letters and on the day they master both letter and sound, they are awarded their alphabet crown which is such a big deal. If you ask her where she gets to go once she gets her crown she will tell you right away, Chucky Cheese. I guess great rewards encourage motivation, or is that bribery?

She has so much fun doing tap dance, but the other day told me that she would "much rather do nastics." So come the new year gym"nastics" is it. Hopefully we can start training for the Olympics soon with all the energy Gennovah has.

I love my little princess so very much and couldn't imagine a day without her. I miss her terribly when she is at school even though I can get so much done around the house, ah, so bittersweet. I love that even through hard times of fits and sassing she can still make me smile.

Gennovah, you are mine forever. I love you, Mommy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


~Emergency Fund~
I know we are taught the priciples of having an emergency fund just for that purpose, to be able to get us through a crisis whenever that may happen. Johnny and I have never really thought much to put money into a fund like this because we are trying to get out of debt and seems to always have endless piles of bills to pay.
We have been making a concious effort to put money away each and every month for just this purpose. (Thank you Dave Ramsey <-- his program rocks, by the way!) So I opened my mail today to receive a bill from the pediatrician for bills from 2005 totalling over $500! I was going to be so sick just thinking about it, but I am not clear why my insurance was never billed because it was for all of the immunizations my children have received. Anyway, it is nice to know that we have money set aside just for little surprises like this. It leaves me with such a peace of mind knowing that we won't be strapped trying to pay this off or to incur more daebt by doing so.
Bottom line: If you don't have one you better start saving for one!

Friday, November 21, 2008


~My Mom~
Seriously, where would all of us be without these amazing people that are in most of our lives from day one. My heart goes out to anyone reading this that has lost their mother. I am very blessed to have mine with me today, but as my mother and a recent friend have lost theirs I can't begin to imagine what that would be like. I am sorry for your loss.
Living far away has been so very hard with us in Utah and my parents in Chicago, and though it might be straining, it has made me cherish the little things of our relationship.
I love:
  • when my mom calls or sends me a text (yes, she is great at it!) just telling me that she loves me.
  • that I can call her 4 or 5 times a day to ask her questions or try to and not remember the reason why I called.
  • to cry to her to have her comfort me.
  • when we laugh together.
  • her suprises, even though it sometimes drives me crazy.
  • how my children's eyes light up when we talk about her or if she calls to talk with them.
  • packages.
  • the feeling when I see her when we fly in for a visit.
  • her kisses.
  • her hugs.
  • her eagerness to have us move to Chicago.
  • that she is on Facebook!
  • her determination.
  • that she always believes in me.
I miss my mom so much, sometimes more than I can explain. And even though it seems like I call so often and for silly things, really it is just to be comforted in knowing that everything is going to be okay, especially when I am on my last string...
I love you, Mom!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


My great friend Lisa started this on her blog and I am going to steal the idea, thanks Lisa! I am going to try and write everyday something that I am grateful for...
Life can be pretty tough when Johnny is not around, which is more lately because of the holiday break that is comeing up...I am so very grateful for the friends that surround me. I cherish the friendships that lie so deep that no matter how long it has been since you have talked or how far you might be apart, you are still there for each other.