Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a Cutie...

I wish you all could experience a day in my shoes. You would smile so hard your cheeks would start to hurt! I love this little girl!
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Zoo Lights...

Gennovah had to have her picture taken with the gorilla because we weren't able to see the gorillas. She was so sad because seeing them is one of the highlights of our trips to the Zoo.

Boston was such a trooper. It was so cold. He kept running around I think trying to stay warm. He always has a smile on his face!

So the lights weren't that impressive and no animals seemed to be out when we were there, but now we can say been there, done that, no need to EVER do it again, especially because it was soooooooo COLD!
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Little Rascals...

This is what happens when you answer the door and chat with a neighbor while in the middle of making holiday cookies! I came back in the kitchen to find these two giggling (I am sure they knew they shouldn't be eating these cookies) and eating Oreos! I am not sure how many they had, and I wouldn't have a problem with it, but I wanted to get a head start to it is only 930am! Ahhhh, what can I do with these two besides love them to pieces!

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Another Haircut...

This is the recent haircut for our little Boston! His hair grows so fast it is hard to keep up with it! My friend Brooke cut it and he did so much better than at Cookie Cutters, because I think that he knew her. We went shorter in the front so we can style it a little more. I am not very good at the faux-hawk, so I went more with what I am seeing on the streets. At first I thought it looked like he had no hair but in the end I love it!

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The Best Kid "Cookies"...

Of any recipe I have for "cookie" this is by far the easiest and best for kids to be able to help out.

1 large pkg Rolos
1 Bag of Pretzels (I prefer Snyder)
1 bag halved pecans

Preheat oven to 350'

I put Gennovah in charge of unwrapping the Rolos which takes the longest in making these tasty treats. For every five she unwrapped and counted she was able to eat one. She couldn't unwrap them as fast as me so no chance of her getting a belly ache from too much sugar! Then we laid out our pretzels on a baking sheet. (You don't have to use criss-cross style the other kid works jsut as well.) After you do that put a Rolo on top of each and place in oven for 3-4 minutes. Make sure you have seperated your pecan halves so you can press them in once the Rolos come out of the oven. Press one pecan half into each Rolo and cool. (I put them on my garage shelf because is was freezing out the day we made them.) Wah-lah you have a tasty treat that is super kid friendly to make. They do most of the work and it is really fun!
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Snowball Fight!

It was a solid attempt at a snowball fight but the snow wasn't packing snow, so the snowball fell apart mid air...Hopefully we will be able to build a snowman next time...
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Our First Real Snowfall...

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Gennovah's First REAL Haircut...

Gennovah asked if she could get her hair cut today and I was like, sure why not. Her correct phrase was, "Mommy, I go to get haircut like Boston, okay?" I asked her if she wanted it cut short like hers, because then she wouldn't be able to have her hair in a pony. She said no not short just cut. Off to cookie cutters we went and she had a shampoo and then cut. I had the stylist layer her hair in the back to make it look fuller. Gennovah was so excited and very curious throughout the process. She also was able to watch Charlotte's Web which is becoming one her favorite movies. After everything she said, "Mommy, I a pretty girl!" What a sweetheart!
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Amazing Race...

So would you watch us and cheer us on if we were on The Amazing Race? We applied for the next season and we are crossing our fingers that they might actually consider us. It would be so nice to prove that married couple don't always fight! I wish they would consider our morals so that we can prove to America that everyone can work through everything through communication!
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BLACK Friday...

I guess I never really understood why the Friday after Thanksgiving was called "Black Friday." This year I sure did get a taste of it. I had to work for someone until 5:45am so at 5:50 I woke up the kids and got some treats and we were off to Target to check it out. In all reality we didn't get there until 6:05 so there was no line and we just walked in got some movies and a couple other things I needed anyway and we were out by 6:20! There was an incident over in the toy department where it was so congested might I add that one lady got bumped by another and she just went off. I tried to get away as quick as the pedestrian traffic would allow because the profanities coming from her mouth were unreal. It suprises me in the world that we have such a great day of Thanks and then the next people turn vicious. I guess if you want to see the true colors of America come out on Balck Friday if you dare. People were calling me crazy because I had the kids with me who were all smiles and alert with the fun of shopping while "the sun was still sleeping" and because they had lifesavers before breakfast! Hey, you have to bend the rules sometimes!

Johnny on the other hand slept out at Circuit City and snagged an amzing deal on his new laptop that we have been saving for. He loves being able to hook up to the internet when out of town to be able to talk with us. We just got a webcam for ours so now we will be able to see each other because his laptop has one! My new Black Friday motto: "If you can't shop with a smile after a day of thanks, get out of the stores!"
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Nothing Fancy...

We didn't go all out with China dishes as you can tell above, but we had a great time. Our turkey was beautiful and one hour late. I guess it wanted a grand entrance into our tummies. It and nothing else so we could taste how wonderful it was! Johnny usees a recipe from Bruce his brother-in-law and everytime it turns out so well. Thank you to Bruce for sharing the secrets of great turkey with us! So Boston had a plate full of everything on the table and all he ate was his roll! Oh well, he knows what he likes and he was quite content with it. Gennovah suprised us with tasting everything on her plate and flat out told us which she liked and which was gross. Taste buds definitely develop over time!
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Maybe It Was A Month Ago...

So I know that Thanksgiving was almost a month ago, but hey better late then never, right? Johnny's parents were in Phoenix this year for Thanksgiving and with Jetblue I didn't have the luxury of having Thanksgiving off, so we decided to make our dinner for ourselves. I had several odd shifts throughout the day so we were able to work all together in the kitchen in getting everything ready. Johnny and Gennovah took care of the bird and I took care of everything else. Everything was so delicious! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all!
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Monday, December 3, 2007

I am soooo sorry to not have posted for such a long time. I have been busy with work and putting up all of our fun Christmas decorations. We have kept busy with Gennovah's preschool and Boston's teacher coming to the house. Christmas shopping has been so much fun, especially when the kids are with me and I am trying to sneak things in here and there without them noticing.

I love this holiday season, except the stores! Why is it after Thanksgiving people turn vicious? I don't understand tis the season of giving, be as mean as you want to those you don't know and as nice to those you love. If only people could realize their actions and words. Despite that I love being able to drive through my neighborhood and marvel at the lights and the different ways people try and decorate their yard and home. I love the excuse to make cookies all month and eat them without feeling as guilty as I normally would. I love the snow, but hate the ice. I don't mind the cold, at least there is no wind chill! But I absolutely love watching the faces of my children as they watch snow fall from the sky and try to catch it on their tongues, as if it were such a game. Oh if that was the simplicity of life, it would all be smooth sailing through.