Monday, May 24, 2010

What The...Snow...

Dear Winter,

We have already experienced your crazy weather for long enough and at very intermittent times. Since we already celebrated the first day of spring, could you please stop teasing us and let the nice weather come through. We would love to be able to get over this crazy cabin fever that has gone on long enough. Thank you!

Regards- April, Gennovah, Boston, and Mackay

PS So Gennovah and Boston finished preschool this past Friday so today is their first official day of SUMMER! Mother Nature didn't quite get the memo. Rain I could handle at this point, but not TWO inches of snow! I am not even kidding. All of the snow gear was packed around the time we had our garage sale 2 weeks ago, so there is no hope for them to play outside, which surprisingly they want to do.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Long Time No Post...

Well alot has happened in life since the last time that I is a run down of what has been going on in our crazy busy lives...

Johnny--Still working at England Logistics and the Olive Garden. So if you are ever hungry and feeling generous, he would be happy to serve you a delicious Italian meal near the District! He has started school again to gain his degree in International Business and then eventually his Masters in Psychology. We are on the school path for a long time but in the end it will all be worth it. So he is gone from home most every day and night and the time we have with him is few and far between.

Gennovah--Has finished her last year of preschool. She has done so well learning so much for the start of kindergarten and wishes she could start at her new school tomorrow! I don't know if I am completely ready for it just because she is officially in school. She will start at Early Light Academy which is a charter school in the Daybreak neighborhood we live in. She has lost her two bottom teeth and her top two are so wiggly that they are sure to come out this summer. She keeps busy on her days off by jumping on the trampoline and playing with all the little girls on our street. No matter what time of day there is always a house to play at or girls at our home. I am so happy that she has so many little friends to play with. It will make our summer go by quickly for sure. She learned how to read, so summer will be filled with reading as well, so that she will be ready to go for her studies. One major accomplishment for her is that she saved enough money to buy herself a "tendo ds" (Nintendo DS). She is so proud of that fact and love playing the only game she was able to afford for now.

Boston--completed his second year of preschool and will be starting preschool again this fall. Happy times for the fall birthdays. His speech is improving day by day. It is so impressive how far he has come. Next year he will be doing speech therapy through the Jordan School District. As they are fighting to keep programs going with their budget shortfalls, Boston may only be going to school 2 days a week, so we will more than likely enroll in Learning Dynamics again. We loved that school, the kids have done so well and the teachers are incredible! The amount of time this kid spends in the sandbox, I can't even believe it sometimes! He is way into Thomas the Train and knows every character by name and is not shy in correcting you if you get it wrong. He loves cars and bounces back and forth between cars and trains. He knows all the sounds the letters in the alphabet make which is quite impressive for him. We are slowly working on our colors. He is getting better day by day with counting and can almost write his name. We are hoping that this will be his break through year and he will be completely ready for kindergarten.

Mackay--Sweet Boy. Love him so very much. He is 7 months old now and has one tooth and I am sure there are more coming through. He has been sleeping through the night which is such a blessing for us (especially me). He just learned to roll onto his tummy and thinks that it is the greatest thing ever because he can move around by rolling on the floor. I am sure that crawling is soon to follow, but for now I am happy that he is still kind of immobile. He is very tolerable with Gennovah and Boston constantly touching him and wanting to play with him. He seriously doesn't mind them picking him up and moving him all around. He still loves drinking a bottle and will not eat his baby food if he is not in the mood. He definitely knows what he wants to eat.

Baby #4--Due November 24, 2010. Perfect timing for Thanksgiving. If I have my way we should meet this little one the week before. I just don't want to ever have him/her have to celebrate their birthday on a holiday. We are not going to be finding out the gender of this little munchkin either. We have found it to be soooo much more fun to be old fashion in that sense. What is the point of even finding out, where is the surprise in that. People may think it is odd, but if you just plan to do it you can find the fun in it. And, your doctor has the opportunity to tell you "It's a ...." I am sure that is rarely done in this society that has to have immediate gratification. All development is going well and baby is on track just like the 3 before. I don't imagine things will be that much different come delivery. I haven't been able to sleep as much as I would like because I have developed a bit of insomnia, so I rely in a sleeping aid, which fourth time around I am so fine with it.

Me--Taking care of the munchkins day in and day out. I love it, I am finally completely at home with no one to report to for work. I am no longer at JetBlue which I was sad about at first, but each day that goes by that I can tuck my kids in and read them stories or give scratches I sit back and sigh because I have the most amazing husband ever who is working 2 jobs to keep me home with the kiddies. I am also going back to school. I am probably starting in July to get my teaching degree in math. Might as well do it while the kids are still young, that way when Johnny is working on his Masters, I can possibly get a teaching degree wherever we may end up. We are a bit nervous to see how it will be for us with both of us in school. I am sure quite busier, but that is what life is, a crazy busy day to day bustle. Now to just tackle the mounds of laundry that I am neglecting trying to catch up on this blog that I completely let go since the little Mackster entered our lives. Anyway, hopefully I will have pictures soon and continue to update as the days pass on.