Monday, May 24, 2010

What The...Snow...

Dear Winter,

We have already experienced your crazy weather for long enough and at very intermittent times. Since we already celebrated the first day of spring, could you please stop teasing us and let the nice weather come through. We would love to be able to get over this crazy cabin fever that has gone on long enough. Thank you!

Regards- April, Gennovah, Boston, and Mackay

PS So Gennovah and Boston finished preschool this past Friday so today is their first official day of SUMMER! Mother Nature didn't quite get the memo. Rain I could handle at this point, but not TWO inches of snow! I am not even kidding. All of the snow gear was packed around the time we had our garage sale 2 weeks ago, so there is no hope for them to play outside, which surprisingly they want to do.


natsprat said...

So great to catch up with you at the Lodge and to see all of you again. Thanks for the phone call to say good bye. It made me feel loved. So glad you are back in the blogging world. Fun to catch up. Sure love you guys.

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