Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Man of My Dreams...

Well I have been tagged and I have FINALLY finished...

What is his name?
Johnny Russel Hansen

How long have you been together?/How long did you date?

We will be together 6 years this March. After Johnny finally made up his mind about me we dated from March until May when he proposed, and we tied the knot in August. So all in all a total of 5 months!

How old is he?
Johnny will turn 28 in July. He is close to 6 months older than me, so as soon as I catch up he gets older.

Who eats more?
I think we eat about the same, since we are pretty much the same size.

Who said "I love you" first?
Johnny said I love you first. I responded with a "thank you", I know totally lame, but I wanted to be certain that those were my feelings and not just words.

Who is taller?

Johnny is taller--his 5'9" compared to my 5'5" (He tells people 5'10" so don't spill the beans!)

Who sings better?
Can I just say there is no hope for our kids because we both try...and if you heard the rest you'd know!

Who is smarter?
How unfair of a question! Johnny is so smart in every aspect of life, but when it comes to school...I would go to school every semester if I could I love to learn.

Who does the laundry?
I try to get as much done as I can, but if he opens the drier he warms the clothes and puts them away. I always leave him to pair the socks because I hate that about laundry!

Who pays the bills?
I pay the bills but with the money that he earns, does that answer the question?

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Looking at the bed I do.

Who mows the lawn?
The gardeners. But once we move Johnny will seeing that I am allergic to grass :(

Who cooks dinner?
I cook dinner most nights, but if we are up for an Italian creation then it is Johnny hands down.

Who drives?

Who is more stubborn?
I am!

Who kissed who first?
I really don't remember.

Who asked who out first?
Johnny asked me on a date, but after I asked him to as for my my number.

Who proposed?
Johnny did. I was going to move back to Chicago in May and he proposed so of course I stayed!

Who has more friends?
That would be Johnny. I left everyone in Chicago when I joined the Church and it is very hard for some people to keep in touch, but since we have been married I would say it is pretty even seeing that we are usually around married couples.

Who is more sensitive?
I am.

Who has more siblings?
Johnny has 2 brothers and 4 sisters and is the youngest, where I have 1 sistser and 2 brother and I am the oldest.

Who wears the pants?
I definitely get my way most of the time but there are some topics that Johnny doesn't budge on, and well, we just won't get into those!

That seemed to have taken forever and seeing that a lot of my friends have already done this in some way shape or form I can't really tag anyone, just beware for the future!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guitar Hero...

So my little brother and his friend brought their Guitar Hero to play while they visit. Who invented this because it is sooo fun. Notice...No pictures. I didn't dare let anyone take any while I was on the guitar playing. I must have looked like a fool because I sure felt like one! Anyway, most of our nights are dedicated to playing each other especially on expert. If you haven't tried the game I really recommend it! I am seriously thinking about getting a game system so we can get Guitar Hero and rock out!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Crazy Snow Day...

Yesterday I woke up and couldn't see outside our bedroom window. Snow was whipping around like crazy because of the gusty winds and the heavens opening up. My brother Andrew and his friend Christian were the most excited because they are visiting from Chicago to snowboard. So, of course, they would be "stoked" because of all the fresh powder! Well were were going to start getting ready our neice Abby's baby blessing when her Stephanie (Johnny's sister) called to let us know their church was CANCELLED! I couldn't even believe it. They cancelled church! I wasn't too shocked because Johnny wanted to get out and buy some chains since there was already a foot of snow on the ground and seeing that we don't have an SUV we needed some assistance. (I know, my little sabbath breaker!) Uh, he couldn't even back out of the driveway because the snow drifts were too high!

Regardless of our slow non-successful morning, by afternoon the winds had calmed down cosiderably and it was time to have fun! Johnny, Andrew, Christian, and Gennovah went outside to play around and have a good time with the "2-4 inches" we were suppose to receive. Boy were they off, it was more like 12-18"! What do you do with all that SNOW, but build a SNOWMAN!!!

This was not going to be just any snowman you would find on the street! We are talking GIGANTIC!

So that is what the four of them set out to do. (Boston was down for a nap and I, unfortunately don't have any boots!) Keeping in mind that it couldn't be a normal size snowman. These had to be HUGE! So big that they needed a ladder to get the snowballs ontop of one another! The bottom of each of the were taller than Gennovah. She loved being ontop of the snowman.

Talk about TALL! With the top ball on, this snowman reached a towering 14 ft!

Here is Christian trying to add the touches we need to make this look more round after the struggle of finally getting it on top! Pure PERFECTION!

As you can tell this was no EASY task!

It wasn't all work, there was time to laugh and have fun! Here are Gennovah and Joy who became snow BUDDIES!

Finishing touches included: scrap material for scarves, liguine pasta (hair), Oreo cookies (less the filling, yum!), two large carrots (Thanks Geoff & Joy!), baby carrots, hats, and a couple oatmeal creme pies!

You can really tell how big these are from the SIDE view!
And here is the FINISHED family...
A special thank you to Geoff Osmond for capturing this priceless moment for us!